fiddling with history


Pierre Cruzatte:
A Musical Journey
Along the Lewis & Clark Trail
Daniel Slosberg as Pierre Cruzatte

Playing fiddle, jaw harp, bones, spoons,
and other instruments of the Lewis & Clark Expedition,
musician Daniel Slosberg takes audiences on an
unforgettable musical voyage with stops along the way
for humorous and moving stories about the journey
and about Cruzatte's critical contributions to it.

Zeyde’s Fiddle Sam Davis et al.

In the first decade of the last century, my great-grandparents
Shimon and Feiga Chaya Pechenik left Russia and sailed to America,
becoming Sam and Fannie Davis in the process. This new program
will celebrate Sam and Fannie's journey to America, the music-filled
gatherings at their home in Springfield, Massachusetts, and
the violin that Sam loved.
Available fall 2016.

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